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I have just seen over on StupidFool.org, that Latricia has updated the XML::Feed CPAN module to be able to splice RSS/ATOM feeds into one ATOM feed.

So I recently updated my XML::Feed module on CPAN to support feed format conversion and splicing, and built a simple feed splicer that takes multiple feeds, splices them together, and produces an Atom feed that contains all of her activity. It's not specific to Mena, of course--it could be used for any combination of feeds.
I'll probably be writing more about this in the future, but for fun, here's a one-liner feed splicer (requires XML::Feed 0.07 or higher):

[Via Stupidfool.org]

Now, I really like that idea. I had the same idea for AJAX Tagger 2.0. But since I haven't got to that part of the application yet I have not had time to create it. However, now if this module lives up to what it says it does I won't have to create a similar tool and I could use it pretty much straight away. :)

I was planning of exporting all the AJAX Tagger results of the feeds into one RSS/ATOM feed that can be subscribed too. I think I could accomplish something similar with OPML though.

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