AJAX Technorati Tagger

My First AJAX Application is now up (here).

Some thanks must go out to Bill Bercik whos sample AJAX application I looked at and used a smidging of code from (The AJAX object factory).

The way to use the application is to as follows:

  • Enter some text into the first page. This text has to be more that a couple of words.
  • Click "Submit", this will call the yahoo web service and present the user with a list of "potential" tags for technorati. (There will be a hook in to technorati here at some point in the future).
  • Select the tags you wish to use and click next (this next step might take a while).
  • When on the next page it will give the user a list of related keywords (again from Yahoo!), [NOTE: Selecting the search results is not nesecarry because it doesn"t do anything just yet].
  • Click "Finish", to generate the link list that looks similar to mine at the bottom of this blog entry.

Anyway all comments, hate mail etc is accepted :)

ps. There are a lot of Bugs to be ironed out. :)

Technorati Tags
[feed], [feed], [feed], [feed], [feed], [feed], [feed]