Google Desktop Beta 2

Finally after making the decision to remove Google Desktop Beta 2 from my machine, I decided that I would try and explore just a little more. Low and Behold! I find a feature that I think that I might not now be able to live with out.

Desktop Timeline!

It shows you everything you have been working on for a given day, to a stupidly amazing amount of detail. It shows, when I looked at a page, when I opened a document etc.


It is a really good feature if you were to say "I was reading a page at about 12pm on Tuesday, now what was the address" or, "I was looking at a document in the evening, now what was the name of it". And it all accessed via a little date picker.


I must say. It is darned SWEET!!!!

I am going to toss a coin now to see if I keep it or not: Heads, Google Wins; Tails, Google Loses.


Sorry Google, I am removing it. I don't think I will try it again. I feel like I am giving away too much of myself to you! And my PC was really, really, really slow.


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