Peter F. Hamiltons New Book

I was just browsing around Waterstones the other day and I saw the sequel to Peter F. Hamiltons Pandora's Star Book UK[[posterous-content:lmsihhfdngDlFcbkcadD]]/US[[posterous-content:lgFEHfFbIbwCoaDDmHhA]]: Judas Unchained UK[[posterous-content:lmsihhfdngDlFcbkcadD]]/US[[posterous-content:lgFEHfFbIbwCoaDDmHhA]].

I loved Pandora's Star, it is a massive space opera (900 pages hardback)! It is about a star that is being observed and then suddenly disappears and all the ramifactions that this has on a futuristic society that is spanning many many stars.

I can't wait to get Judas Unchained, it is only about £12 on Amazon rather than £20 in Waterstones. I never knew it, but Peter F Hamilton is known for his massive space operas that cover many books.

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