, A Little Annoyance

I really like what msn are doing with . It looks sweet. It is sweet, but I have a little bug bear (I think that is a saying) with the site.

Here goes:

Every single button on the page, be it an "X" [[posterous-content:FgdodzlbecihnqcFGHzl]] close button or a double cheveron button except the search button [[posterous-content:nyIpvtBqqhsigkebdjAF]] only respond to a type of mouse down event. It really bugs me that I cannot cancel my action (mouse button press) by taking the mouse mid-click off the button. Normal buttons normally allow this.

Put simply, if I start to click the X Icon to remove a feed, the feed is a removed, I don't like that. Normal windows elements normally require you to complete a click before the action is started. It is as if the only tactile feedback is via the "finger" icon.

Thats it really :)