IE7 Beta 1 Minor Annoyances In Tabbed Browsing

After futher playing with IE7, I have come accross some other annoyances with Tabbed Browsing.

  • Modal Dialog boxes lock the whole of IE7, why can't they just make the tab that launched the dialog box locked out.

  • Hovering over the tab doesn't seem to pop a tooltip up, If I have two pages open on the same site, with each site having a long title I can't really work out which of the two tabs has the content I need.

  • I would like a quick way to close a tab down
    • a) without having to go to the right of the screen

  • b) without having to right click on the tab

  • Opening a new tab doesn't take you to your selected homepage. I would like it as an option to be able to take you to your homepage. I might for instance have google or some other information portal as my start page.

  • I accept the fact that some of these might have good arguments against having them, but I these are things that frustrate me a little whilst using IE7.

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