IE7 Beta 1

I have been playing with , I quite like it. Not played around with it too much. I had to make sure that my site worked with it :) And it does, however I did notice that my feed is not discovered automatically. Maybe because it is an ATOM feed, but I don't know. I also noticed that doesn't seem to be completly consistant with how it discovers feeds on a page. I would love to know how it auto discovers RSS/ATOM feeds.

I also like the tabbed browsing, I like the new empty tab on the right of all the other tabs so I can easily open up a new tab. I don't know if I will still like it in the future. I still don't think tabbed browsing is the "correct" UI way of doing things. I think it kinda breaks the whole Windows UI process. For one, if I want to compare sites side-by-side I still have to have more than one window open. Would it be hard to develop tabbed browsing that allows you to be a bit more flexible with the application. Futher more, what I like about having multiple windows open is that I can easily see what pages I have open (even when minimised) simply by looking at the task bar. In a tabbed environment I can't do that and I really miss that type of feature. Of course I can still use multiple instances of . But I want the benefits of Tabbed browsing and Multi-Window browsing all in one. A middle solution could be the way office works, with each document is a new window. Another idea might be better tool-tips on the task bar items.

I have also read that CSS 2.0 support is being upgraded in Beta 2. But a lot of CSS rendering bugs have been fixed in this build.

Anyway to summarise:

  • How are RSS Feeds Discovered.
  • Does IE Support ATOM in this Beta.
  • What happens when I click a auto discovered feed.
  • Is this the final way tabbed browsing will work.
    • I like the Blank Insert Tab Tab.
    • I am not keen on not knowing what pages I am looking at through the task bar.

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